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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  May 20, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the nation's heartland braces for more violent weather. we will take a look at the damage in the planes after more than four dozen tornadoes. >> redskins football returns to ashburn with many eyes watching rg3. >> taken a look outside this morning, it is warm but foggy. good morning, washington. i am greta kreuz. >> i'm scott thuman. let's get a check on the forecast. check with jacqui jeras. >> today is looking a lot warmer and a lot more humid than the weather we have had. we will see 80 degree temperatures are the better part of the week. we do have a little bit of fog and mist north of the metro. you can see in the cloud cover that we have, there are some breaks may -- breaks mixed in there. aperture wise, we are comfortable. mid to upper 60s. 60 seven in dc. 66 at the list. =-- at dulles.
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-- at dulles. a few breaks in the clouds are expected this afternoon. he could equally see a few showers pop up. anyone degrees at 5:00. our high will be about 83. we will have frequent chances of showers and a seven day forecast. i will have more details on that coming up in just another few minutes. right now we need to know what is happening on 95. a little busy. >> that's right. it is definitely busy i-95 if you're coming in from aquia harbor. we have word that all lanes are closed right now near garrisonville. near mile marker 143. we just got word, just ringing here and the right lane is now open excuse me, the two right lanes are open there. you are going to get by on the right if you're headed up 95 northbound. we also have got something coming in on 123. unfortunately we picked up some road work there. that is going to happen between
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the toll road and blue and silver -- lewinsville road. stay to the left on route 123. still looking good on the virginia and maryland beltway and through the -- and through bethesda. silver spring, you look good to go. we also got $700 in free gas to give away once again today. today and tomorrow are going to be the last chances to win that $700 in free gas. us and for the phone number to call before 7:00 a.m. b the seventh color, and you will and -- when that $700 in free gas. >> thanks, amanda. 6:02. people across the midwest are once again leaning up the mess the mess left behind by more than four dozen destructive storms. >> authorities say an elderly man unfortunately died when a tornado ripped through an oklahoma neighbor -- mobile home park. more than 20 people there were
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hurt. twisters were also reported in iowa, as well as kansas. they damaged or destroyed homes and toppled power lines. the winds were powerful enough to send trucks flying off the road. >> turning now to a developing story the fbi is investigating the deaths of two of their own special agents who died during a training exercise off the coast of virginia beach. >> john gonzales is live outside fbi headquarters in northwest dc. he's got more on this terrible story. >> this'll be a a very difficult day inside the building here behind us. fbi headquarters in downtown dc. we understand the two elite special agents were killed off the coast near virginia beach and both men were members of a very skilled team known as the hostage rescue team. the men identified as 41-year- old christopher lorek and 40- year-old stephen shaw. the announcement was made
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yesterday, but we now know that the accident happened friday afternoon and what is being described as a training exercise involving at least one military helicopter. old special agents were based out of our area -- both special agents were based out of our area, at the marine base in quantico. the fbi director released this statement saying "they accept the highest risk each and every day when training and on operational missions to keep our nation safe." each man left behind a wife and two small children. we talked about this elite group very skilled group. this team three months ago rescued a five-year-old boy in alabama who was being held captive inside a bunker. reporting live in northwest washington, john gonzales, abc 7 news. >> thank you, john. president obama walks a fine line during a meeting at the white house with myanmar's president today. the president is trying to foster an ally in china's backyard while trying to defend human rights. activists are up -- are upset
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about that meaning which comes six months after the president visited the -- the country. it is the first visit by myanmar's leader to the white house in yearly half a century. >> six: oh five. 65 degrees. still ahead yahoo is expected to announce a new $1 billion purchase. >> a waitress learns that it pays to be nice when a customer leaves her a very big hit.
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>> look at that for a live shot on this monday morning, a family of geese. they're kind of close to traffic. >> we are keeping a close eye on them. das lane -- gosling, baby geese.
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>> adorable. it is spring, one of the sure signs. it will be feeling a little bit more like summer this week ahead. we are warmer, more humid, 80 gig read temperatures. -- 80 degree temperatures. pop-up thunderstorms are expected today. you can see we do have a care about the cloud cover. we will get some breakdown. a little disturbance will be moving across virginia into maryland throughout the day. that could trigger some more of that wet weather. overall, it is not going to be a terrible day. speaking of terrible we have another threat to our nation's midsection this afternoon and this evening. take a look at him at the video of multiple twisters touching down, about 50 of them pulmonary reports from the weekend. yesterday, the hardest hit parts were oklahoma, as well as kansas. at least one person was killed in these twisters. today we will be watching again
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at oklahoma and canada for that threat. that extends up to the north. if you're are traveling in chicago, minneapolis, that is the area of the country were we will have significant delays because of the weather. around here, we will see a few showers and warming conditions. 79-84 degrees. your seven-day forecast is coming up in a few minutes. it is time for traffic now. >> we do have problems on 95 northbound unfortunately due to a crash. we have been monitoring conditions for about a half hour. we had all lanes closed, but a while ago, we got word that said that they have opened up those two right lanes. the crash will be on the left side trip we are getting reports that if you get off at the garrisonville road exit you'll be able to get around this. if you are getting off at exit 143, you should not encounter the delays. coming in from stafford, it is bumper-to-bumper. we prepared for brake lights. we also have construction
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causing delays along 123 northbound. that is on the left -- only the left side opened when the toll road and lewinsville road. a live shot shows us that things are moving smoothly onto 70 at west montgomery. a little hazy on the camera shot. you can see we are picking up the volume as we come in from gaithersburg is morning. give yourself a little extra time for that evan flow. -- ebb and flow. a few theater row -- but -- a few feet away, we have the wtop traffic center. for now, i will send it back to you. >> sounds good. coming up on 6:12, and coming up an impressive lightning show over toll said. >> we will take a look -- over tulsa. >> we will look at the
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>> welcome back. it is time for our busstop forecast. it is 6:15. we want to say good morning to steinberg high school in ashburn, virginia. the temperature is 67 degrees great what can you expect the busstop? we are looking for cloudy skies. 68 degrees could 77 with the chance of a shower by recess. when the bus stops you off, you should get a few breaks and see sunshine with the temperature around 83 degrees. short sleeves today. you better have the umbrella on standby just in case one of the showers hits you. we will have our seven day forecast and minutes. >> thank you, jackie. 6:15. forecasters say more tornadoes could be touching down in parts of the midwest today, one day after a tornado outbreak brought death and destruction to parts of the region. >> authorities say an elderly
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man died when a twister ripped through his mobile home near the city. more than two dozen people were hurt. arts of oklahoma are under a state of emergency. the tornadoes damaged and destroyed homes and tossed around tractor-trailers. >> everything was just, it was just gone. you see beds in the art. he took the house, you put it in a gigantic blunder, you turned it on for a couple of minutes, and then you dumped it out. >> amazing images. the storm system that spawned these tornadoes is moving east. officials say early warnings will help them to keep the death toll low. >> secretary of state john kerry heads back to the middle east this week. he will be pressing the case for peace talks between syrian rebels and president bashar al- assad's regime. this comes amid increasing signs that the new u.s. strategy to halt the war is being undermined by russia.
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kerry leaves today, and will be traveling to jordan, israel, the west bank, and ethiopia. the redskins kickoff full team workouts today. >> a lot of the focus is falling on robert griffin iii. he will not take part in the offense of drills. he will go through his rehab work out with team trainers. his doctor says he is progressing ahead of schedule from the surgery for the torn ligament in his right knee. griffin will be speaking to the media on thursday. you can imagine -- >> he is probably going through all of his wedding presents. [laughter] >> there were a lot of them. >> he is keeping them himself. >> 6:17. hey, you said it is nice today. >> overall, not terrible. we do have our issues we will be dealing with.
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am fog and mist to start us off with. we will see showers from time to time. it will be warm and humid. we will have some breaks. we will see peaks of sunshine. nothing major around here. i have some video i want to show you. look at all the lightning. this is from kansas, a cnn i reporter. an incredible amount. that is what we call cloud to cloud lightning. you can see it is going sideways almost, as opposed to reaching the ground. this wasn't also, oklahoma. but honestly, -- was in tulsa oklahoma. let's go to the maps and talk about what is happening around here today. i think we will mostly see a few showers later on. 67, mild to start us out with today. 66 at dulles. xd six in gaithersburg. 59 in winchester. that is where some of that fog has been developing. mostly here into central parts
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of maryland. a few showers will be pulling in. he had a weak disturbance pushing in from west virginia in southern virginia. that is going to be triggering a few showers later today. here is that big system across the plains that produced all the tornadoes ripped unfortunately, it is part of an upper-level system that will be a small -- a slow mover. some of the same spot will be hit again today in the nation's midsection. our futurecast shows a couple of spotty showers possible midday and into the afternoon. as we head into the evening and overnight, we will dry out. our forecast lots of morning clouds fog, giving way to mostly cloudy skies and some peaks of sunshine. it will be humid with scattered showers. our high temperature, 79-84 degrees. 62-60 eight tonight. we will stay warm and muggy through the middle of the week. the cold front approaches by thursday. our temperatures drop to end the week. 70s sound pleasant. you have some pleasant news. >> we are starting to look a
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little better on i-95, but they have the lanes blocked for about half an hour. you are seeing residual delays could 95 northbound between -- before garrisonville road at 143 exit 143, you're left lanes are closed, but the right lanes are open. we are getting reports of a tractor-trailer accident there. we're also getting volume running in from 270. he prepared for delays as you come in for frederick. instruction on 123, that will be northbound between the toll road and lewinsville. traffic will get by on the left side. we also see volume him and him from prince george's county coming in from the outer loop. we see things getting thick near good luck road just before you intersect with 95. be prepared to give yourself extra time there as well. you can always follow me for current updates during the morning commute and throughout the day on twitter @gridlockgoddess. >> thank you much.
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onto business news, there is word of a major deal between yahoo and tumblr. >> united's repaired dreamliner kicks off today for the first time in months. here is your america's money report with diana perez. >> topping america's money, yahoo is announcing a major deal today. reports indicate that yahoo is buying tumblr for more than $1 billion. senator first angela brandt is proposing a bill to lighten the load for student borrowers. interest rates are set at six percent higher. the new legislation would allow students to refinance at the rate of 4%. the dreamliner is taking off today for the first time since january when the entire fleet was grounded for battery problems. united airlines is the only u.s. operator of the boeing 787. "star trek: into darkness" worked its way into the number one spot on the weekend box office $70.6 million. "iron man 3" took second place.
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it was "the great gatsby" that came in at number three. that is america's money. i am diana perez. have a great day.
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>> 6:25. checking is run the nation connecticut commuters are bracing for an extremely challenging commute could last all week long. >> there is still no amtrak service between new york and new haven. after two commuter trains collided near bridgeport injuring more than 70 people. crews will be spending the next several days rebuilding some 2000 feet of track. investigation of the crash continues with evidence being sent to dc for analysis. you've got to listen to this.
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a steak and shake restaurant server still amazed after getting a huge tip. >> cece bruce is a part-time student, and one of her regular customers at the indianapolis restaurant recently left her a $446 tip on a bill that was less than six dollars. >> he says, yes you can. you can take that. i give it to you. you can take it. that was unbelievable. >> blown away, understandably. bruce said it could not have come at a better time. she said she can use the money to help pay for bills and. >> good for her. good service. 6:26. still another hour of "good morning, washington." >> searching for the ticket for $600 million in
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>> straightahead, the fbi investigates after two special agents are killed during a training exercise. >> still waiting for the winner. the record powerball jackpot produced one winner but someone in our area won a million dollars as well. >> and we will talk about new technology out there. it is monday, may 20. i'm scott thuman. >> i'm greta kreuz in for cynne simpson, who is out in los angeles for the "dancing with the stars" finale. it is must be out there this morning. >> it will be a lot more humid overall. you will feel the moisture. temperatures are pretty comfortable. 67 degrees ndc, 66 at dulles, 63
6:31 am
in frederick. fredericksburg coming in at 67 degrees. information you need to know -- we will have a warmer and more humid week. frequent chances of showers on and off but nothing major expected at this point. overall, a cold front coming by thursday, which will bring an end to these 80 degree temperatures we are expecting the next couple of days. i will fill out the details more specifically when i see you again. now it is time for traffic. >> thank you very much. we have updates on the 95 crash from stafford. this is going to have all lanes open now, moved to the shoulder. great news for anyone coming up 95 northbound, fredericksburg or stafford. brake lights. it will be right there before garrisonville. it is exit 143. if you get off of that exit you should be able to skirt around
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that in exit 95. 66 is building coming through centreville and fairfax. typical delays. you want to start giving yourself extra time. route 123 between the lewinsville toll road and, still the left side blocked. 495 just north of the american legion bridge, looking pretty good but building on the outer loop coming in from montgomery county this morning. we will have more updates on that. and you can always go to twitter @gridlockgoddess, and we have a giveaway of free gas. just listen to the number today and we will do it again tomorrow. be the seventh caller and you will win the $700 in free gas. >> the fbi investigates the death of two of their own. the special agents died in a training exercise off the coast of virginia beach. >> john gonzalesz joins us live
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from fbi headquarters. it will be a tough day. >> hoping to learn more and talk to officials at the fbi headquarters in downtown dt today. we undertake -- understand the two elite special agents were killed off the coast of virginia beach. the men were members of a very skilled group known as the hostage rescue team. they are identified as 41-year- old christopher lorek and 40- year-old stephen shaw. the announcement was made yesterday evening. but we now know the accident happened friday afternoon during what was described as a training exercise involving at least one military helicopter. both special agents were actually based out of our area at the fbi academy at the marine base in quantico. the fbi director did release a statement over the weekend saying in part "they accept the highest risk each an every day
6:34 am
when training and on operational missions to keep our nation safe." both leave behind a wife and two small children. this group, we talk about being a skilled group. most recently about three months ago they were part of an operation when they rescued a five-year-old boy in alabama was being held captive by a man in a bunker. reporting live from northwest washington, john gonzalesz, abc 7 news. >> more violence overseas. death tolls after bombings in iraq. >> let's get to jummy olabanji at the live desk. >> the associated press now reports the death toll is at least 40 people. car bombs exploded into the markets and eight a stop in iraq this morning. in baghdad, nine bombs went off killing at least 27 and injuring more than 100. and the southern city of basra two bombs went off. we do know nobody has yet
6:35 am
claimed responsibility for the attacks, but officials believe it is terrorists work. back to you in the studio. >> 65 degrees. still ahead on "good morning washington" -- a remarkable milestone for to boston bombing victims. >> find out how to make quick cash with a new smart phone app which let somebody shop in your closet. >> tonight at 5:00. runaway lawyers. leaving high-paying careers for new adventures. why so many are
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>> it's a great day at holy redeemer catholic school and college park, maryland. our education is rooted in values and we are committed to excellence in education with the power of faith. >> good morning washington! >> how excited was the little
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girl at the bottom. >> she could not wait. jacqui, i guess the swimming pools are not open but we sure could use it this week, it sounds like. >> i will finally warm-up. but imagine how cold the pool water is right now, after the weather we have had the past couple of weeks. it will still be chilly by the weekend. we still have quite a bit of cloud cover this morning. showers trying to sneak up into st. mary's and calvert county and charles county. temperatures are pretty comfortable. 66 at dulles, 68 at reagan national. warmer than we got all day saturday. 80's this afternoon, with spotty showers here and there. we will often get breaks and cloud cover and see some sunshine, at least peaks the later on today. i will have your seven-day forecast and busstop forecast in another few minutes. but now, it is time for traffic.
6:40 am
a few problems in the road amanda? >> all travel lanes open coming in from stafford, but still be ladies due to an earlier closure. they actually had all lanes closed 95 northbound due to a tractor-trailer accident. they do have all lanes open but you may have some closures garrisonville road. 123 northbound has a construction going on, so between the toll road and lewinsville road, be prepared for the left side to be blocked. through falls church, 66, bright red. to 95 also picking up some a bright red and yellow -- 295 also picking up some bright red and yellow. 270, volume, down frederick toward gaithersburg. wes montgomery, you can see very moderate conditions coming southbound. time to give away the number. be the seventh caller right now.
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to win the $700 in free cash -- gas. >> it could be the first that for its smell o vision. >> how movie night at home could leave you very hungry for pizza.
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>> welcome back to "good morning washington." i meteorologist jacqui jeras. looking in on ashburn, virginia stone bridge high school. 67 degrees. 2.66. very overcast and muggy and
6:43 am
even a little misty in spots. busstop forecast, 68 degrees and cloudy, pickup time -- when the bus gets you home, a few clouds and 83. warm and muggy. i will have your seven-day forecast in just two minutes. >> these days, having your own clothing boutique is as simple as having a smart phone jummy olabanji introduces us to an actpp making local women asked him and. >> she says she is an impulse buyer. >> i love the skirt -- and then i keep it for six months and never wear it. >> six months ago she stumbled upon a smartphone app that allows users to sell their stuff and make quick cash. >> a boutique you don't have to pay for, no overhead. >> users can shop each other's closet than any time.
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once an account is created, all you have to do is take a picture of an item you want to sell, write a description and then upload it. when another user likes what you have, they make you an offer. if you accepted, you package it up and send it away and wait for your money. hundreds of dollars and sold merchandise -- see -- she says she is an official part of the posh community. not only successful seller but also bond. she says if she buys from others, others will by from her. >> posh mart, it is like openness, love -- we all share the same passion, fashion. >> you can findposh in your smartphones app store. we also put a link on our website, >> two victims of the boston terror attack take big steps to their future. they are both graduating from
6:45 am
boston college today. the friends were standing next to each other when the bombs went off. shrapnel struck her left leg and she had three surgeries for her injuries. her friend was also badly hurt. for nato's continued across the plains of the midwest for the third straight day. -- tornadoes continue across the plains. this is the theme, and large tornado, one of several that left the structure. there is one confirmed fatality an elderly man died when a tornado hit eight mobile home park near oklahoma city. >> everything was like -- you took the house, you put it in a gigantic blender and turn it on polls for a couple of minutes and dump it out. >> it peeled the paint off of buildings in kansas city. really dramatic images. it forced meteorologist in the national weather service in wichita to take shelter until the storm passed. >> jody arias is back in the
6:46 am
courtroom. she could get life in prison or the death penalty in arizona after she was found guilty of killing her ex-boyfriend, travis alexander. her attorneys are hoping to save her life. alexander's siblings testified that the murder has torn their lives apart. yours could decide -- jurors could decide her fate next week. >> dr. sally k. ride was the first american woman to travel into space. she created the sally ride science foundation to get students interested in technology and math. a tribute will be held in her honor at the kennedy center. the event lifts off at 7:00. former wizards star jason collins will be honored with the courage award from the gay, lesbian -- network. he will receive the honor at the respect award ceremony. he made history by becoming the
6:47 am
first active athlete in a major american team sport to publicly announce he is gay. he broke the news and a cover story in the may 6 issue of "sports illustrated." a pizza chain find a unique way to get people's mouth watering during a movie. >> dominoes of brazil teamed up with 10 video rental stores to create dvds with a pizza sent. once at the desks get hot while playing, it gives off the smell of a peep. by the time the dvd is injected -- the thermal inc. turns the dvd into a mini pizza, encouraging people to order a pizza the next time. >> they have a deal with the dominoes going. >> should they warn it will have the pizza on it? >> i am getting hungry thinking about it. >> like the popcorn -- you just
6:48 am
smell it and you have to have it. my role, if somebody makes it you are sharing. >> you said a little bit warm out there. >> really muggy today. i think that will be the big thing you notice the next couple of days, is we are in this very humid air mass now. it will feel a lot more like summer. temperatures will be a lot warmer the next couple of days. in fact that was the temperature we had for a high on saturday. that was gloomy, wasn't it? we will get an shine later this afternoon but more class than anything else. 68 in bc, 66 in dulles. good morning, hagerstown, 64 degrees and 66 in culpeper. some visibility issues. all north of the district. mainly into northern maryland where we are seeing problems. two mile visibility in frederick, a mile in martinsburg and winchester, about half a mile visibility. that is where we are seeing some of the fog but it will burn up
6:49 am
by around 9:00. it is just patchy. we have a disturbance moving through overhead this afternoon and it can trigger a few more showers. nothing big expected today. only about 30% chance it will happen in your backyard. we are also keeping a very close eye on the major system that produced all of the tornadoes over the weekend in the plains. unfortunately, a slow-moving system which means if some of the same areas can get hit today. we will be watching oklahoma missouri, parts of iowa, and even chicago could be nasty thunderstorms later today. around here, just showers. maybe a rumble of thunder but nothing severe expected. body showers mainly midday and into the afternoon. once we had to the evening, it will dry out and it should be pleasant over night. some breaks and peaks of sunshine with scattered showers. high temperature very warm, 79- 84 degrees but feeling warmer than that. just wanted to tell you what i
6:50 am
did over the weekend. forgot i put them in their. meant to hide them. i did the warrior dash race to raise money for saying jews -- st. jude's children's hospital. the washington and old dominion trail. i was not expecting that. sorry about that. there is your seven-day forecast. that is what i really wanted to show you. the two upper 80's tuesday and wednesday. cold front by thursday and then clearing -- cooling down by the weekend. save me, amanda. >> quite a bit of activity on the roads. an accident on 95. clear for about an hour and then pick it up around 6:00 a.m.. looks like all lanes are open but you will see the residual delays, brake lights near arrington road -- garrisonville road. getting off of garrisonville road 95, you will be passed the
6:51 am
backup. delays along the beltway. unfortunately we have a bit of as an flow through montgomery county. we do have some good news. we would love to announce the winner of the $700 gas in the way. congratulations to robert rohr from lake ridge, virginia. he just won himself $700 of free gas. >> what a good way to start the day. >> good deal but how long do you think the $700 of gas will last you? >> not long enough. [laughter] >> lawove the answer their congratulations, hope you enjoy it. >> appreciate it. >> some of the music industry's biggest names gathered in vegas for the popular billboard music awards. >> here is a look at the big winners. >> artist copyright charts took
6:52 am
the stage at the billboard music awards. the first award, nikki minaj. unpredictable comedian tracy morgan carry the night. he even shared a few moves. cap digital song, carl -- cap digital song, call me maybe. top touring artist award -- madonna. prince was recognized. his performance stole the show. fans reveal the winner of the top billboard 200 album going to taylor swift. >> mrs. magical. >> top male artist, justin bieber. after another around the pot performances came the big award
6:53 am
for top artist of the year. >> taylor smith. >> abc news, las vegas. >> good monday morning to all of you. coming up here, the very latest on the string of deadly tornadoes that struck parts of the nation's midsection yesterday. the pictures are just unbelievable to see. we are live on the scene. sam and oklahoma, ginger in wichita, kansas tracking it all and we will have a big -- updates next on "good morning america." >> time for the monday express. >> john gonzalesz is live at fbi headquarters this morning. >> this morning we are learning more about lead to fbi special agent who were based out of quantico and were killed off the coast near virginia beach. 41-year-old christopher lorek and 40-year-old stephen shaw were both members of the
6:54 am
hostage rescue team. we understand they were both killed during a training exercise involving at least one military helicopter. >> following breaking news out of dallas, texas, where a firefighter is missing right now after a six alarm fire at a condo building. here are some pictures from our abc affiliate. we know the fire broke out around 4:00 our time and damaged at least 24 condos. we know that some of those condos at actually collapsed. officials are still looking for the official firefighter and still trying to see whether or not all the residents got out ok. >> here is what you need to know before you go. >> memorial day weekend is almost here. maryland and delaware beaches are getting ready. ocean city's mayor says they expect to see more visitors this year. delaware beach resorts also hope to see more this summer. >> dozens of students from around the country are here in
6:55 am
bc to put their geographic knowledge to the test. the national geographic he gets underway today. the final round be wednesday at the national theatre. >> the final four contestants on "the having with the stars" will try to show the wonder they are more worthy for the mirror ball trophy. the winner will be announced tomorrow. >> for more information on any of the stories and a lot more, visit >> cynne simpson is out there in l.a. getting ready for the big finale. >> the express forecast -- what can we expect for the rest of today? clouds and fog and mist this morning. 68 at 9:00, 77 with isolated showers at noon and 81 degrees with partly sunny skies at 5:00. there it is, mechanicsville maryland, this weekend. an obstacle race and we ended up looking like that. a good cause.
6:56 am
how is traffic moving this morning? >> good for you, jacqui. traffic not moving good in certain patches. 95, the clerk -- crash that cleared earlier, visual delays near garrisonville road. also heavy through montgomery on the outer loop. brake lights. >> telling you about a japanese burger chain known for its crazy burgers. it has come up with another interesting creation. >> even its name can turn heads. panda burger. don't worry, there is no panda meat. it happens to be topped with spaghetti and tomato sauce but the bun has a few pandas. it is not clear why the chain decided to call it the panda burger. it has made headlines for its five patty burgers. >> i don't think it looks appetizing. >> the pandas look cute.
6:57 am
>> did they take magic markers and put pandas on top of them? >> on that note, that will do it for us on "good morning washington." "good morning america" is next. >> for continuing local news tune into news channel 8.
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th good morning america. breaking now, twister outbreak. >> this is it. we're done. >> dozens of massive tornadoes


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